Housing Disrepair Claims

Housing Disrepair Claims

Under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, landlords have a legal responsibility to their tenants, to ensure that the properties which they rent out are adequately maintained. This responsibility covers various areas of maintenance, including fire safety, mould and damp issues, security, wiring, central heating, and more.

If your landlord has failed to properly maintain the property you are renting, you may be entitled to raise a housing disrepair claim against them.

At Thornton Jones, we can help tenants to make housing disrepair claims based on many different issues, whether it’s problems with mould and damp, broken central heating systems, vermin infestations, gas leaks, or blocked drains.

When you work with us, we assure you that our solicitors always take a friendly and approach, ensuring that you feel comfortable, and that all your questions are answered.

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Why work with Thornton Jones?

At Thornton Jones, we have earned ourselves a fantastic reputation over the years, all thanks to our talented and committed staff.

When approaching your housing disrepair case, we will always be respectful of your situation and preferences. You can trust our team to provide an honest account of your position and options, helping you work towards a best case scenario outcome.

We understand that experiencing issues with your landlord can be incredibly stressful, and that, you may not always have a clear appreciation of what your rights are.

Our team will walk you through the housing disrepair protocol, ensuring that you know what you can expect at every stage of your claim.

At Thornton Jones, we don’t just support those who are raising housing disrepair claims, our landlord and tenant dispute solicitors can provide assistance with any type of dispute that you might be facing.

If you have any questions about our service, please contact our housing disrepair solicitors, to find out how we could help you.

Our housing disrepair claims service

Legal advice for housing disrepair claims

Our expert solicitors can provide legal advice on housing repair claims, assessing your case details, to establish whether or not you have a strong case, and identifying whether a breach of responsibility has occurred, regarding the maintenance of your rental property.

We have much experience working with clients to raise various types of dilapidations claims, putting us in the perfect position to help those whose landlords have failed to make any type of necessary repairs.

Building your case

Where we believe that you have the basis of a housing disrepair case, our specialist solicitors will help you to collect the documentation that you’ll need to build the case.

Required documentation might include photographs, written communications between the tenant and the landlord, and potentially medical records, if your housing situation has affected your health.

Where it is necessary to obtain expert opinions from third parties, for example, environmental health, our housing repair claims solicitors can make the required arrangements.

Letter of claim

Your housing disrepair claims solicitor will send a letter of claim to your landlord, detailing the issues, and requesting repairs, compensation, and or both, depending on the case.

Your landlord will have the opportunity to respond, and your solicitor will take the appropriate next steps to settle your case, depending on the landlord’s response.

Negotiation phases

In order to obtain compensation, your solicitor will negotiate with your landlord and or their legal representative.

Our specialist solicitors have supported many clients to secure compensation for housing disrepair, and will do everything that we can to secure you the highest amount of compensation possible, settlement amounts will vary significantly depending on the type of claim.

Court proceedings

Where it is not possible to settle a claim out of Court, our housing disrepair claims solicitors can issue Court proceedings on your behalf.

Our solicitors will make sure that you are well prepared and understand the proceedings, presenting a robust case, moving toward the most favourable outcome possible.

Frequently asked questions about housing disrepair claims

What qualifies for housing disrepair?

When a landlord is aware of a maintenance issue at a rented property, and they fail to repair this issue, this is an example of housing disrepair. A tenant would be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim for any of the following issues, though this is not an exhaustive list:
Mould and damp issues
Broken central heating
Water or gas leaks
Vermin infestations
Broken drainage systems
If you are unsure as to whether you have a case for housing disrepair, please contact our housing disrepair solicitors for advice.

How do housing disrepair claims work?

If you are having an issue with housing disrepair, you are first advised to raise the issue with your landlord.
Where the landlord fails to complete the necessary repairs within a reasonable time frame, you may wish to contact your local housing authority, or department of health for support.
In these situations, you are likely eligible to raise a housing disrepair claim. To do so, you will need to contact a specialist solicitor, who can build and raise the claim on your behalf.
Your solicitor will first attempt to resolve the claim using negotiation or mediation. If it is not possible to resolve your issue out of Court, your solicitor will pursue your claim in Court.

How much compensation would I receive from a housing disrepair claim?

It is hard to gauge exactly how much compensation you could receive from a housing disrepair claim, the amount of compensation will depend on the circumstances and the type of claim.
At Thornton Jones, we will ensure to build the strongest case possible, working diligently to secure the highest level of compensation.
For more information about our housing disrepair claims service, please get in touch with our experts at Thornton Jones.

How long does a housing disrepair claim take?

A typical housing disrepair claim takes somewhere between 3 and 6 months, though, this is only an approximation, and a claim may take longer depending on the extent of disrepair to the property.
When you work with us at Thornton Jones, we will attempt to settle your housing disrepair claim as quickly as possible.

Speak to our housing disrepair solicitors in Garforth, Mapplewell, Ossett, Sherburn in Elmet, and Wakefield today

For advice on housing disrepair claims, please contact our local offices in Garforth, Mapplewell, Ossett, Sherburn in Elmet or Wakefield.

Have a quick question or want to request a call back? Use our online enquiry form.

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