Licensing Agreements

Licensing Agreements

When you are building your commercial strategy, it’s essential that you obtain the relevant licensing, whether for technologies or for your intellectual property (IP). A licensing agreement must cater to your long-term business goals, whilst also protecting your property, assets, and interests.

Whether you are licensing equipment, IP or commercial property, having the right kind of licensing contract is essential. Our specialist licensing agreement solicitors have much expertise in licensing law and processes, and can support you with:

  • Recommendations on licensing intellectual property rights, including drafting or reviewing intellectual property agreements
  • Commercial property licensing agreements
  • Confidentiality contracts to safeguard your IP

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Our expertise with licensing agreements

Intellectual property licensing agreements

When it comes to licensing intellectual property, it is vital to understand any agreements you have in place, or any steps you should take to safeguard your IP. Our commercial law solicitors can provide guidance on patents and trademarks and well as copyright issues.

We can create licensing agreements or review any existing agreement, ensuring that these documents accurately align with your goals and your needs. We have an in-depth knowledge of both non-exclusive and exclusive agreements, liabilities, sub licences, and warranties.

To learn more about drafting licensing contracts to protect your intellectual property, please get in touch with us at Thornton Jones.

Commercial property licensing agreements

If you are a company preparing to enter into a commercial property license agreement, it’s crucial that you understand the licence terms, and ensure that the premises is suitable for your requirements.

Essentially, a commercial property licence agreement is a licensing contract between a commercial tenant and landlord. The tenant is given permission to occupy a commercial property for a set period of time. Licenses work distinctly differently to commercial leases, and it’s important that both tenants and landlords understand this, including their obligations and rights.

Our commercial law solicitors can offer both parties specialist legal advice on licensing agreements, including drafting these agreements, and providing support to settle disputes if necessary.

Confidentiality contracts

If you are engaged in negotiations with potential business partners, and or investors, regarding the use of your IP, you may well be concerned about privacy, particularly where you may not eventually end up working with these third parties.

To protect yourself from the beginning, we can help you to create a confidentiality agreement. Doing so will ensure that anything that you disclose during the negotiation phases is protected, meaning that any information communicated must remain confidential.

Our licensing agreement fees

Our licensing agreement lawyers ensure to make our fees transparent and competitive, allowing you to clearly understand the costs from the beginning.

Our licensing agreement hourly rates

Our commercial law solicitors charge between £190 and £250 per hour plus VAT for commercial work, depending on the level of expertise you need for your case and the complexity of the work involved.

Our legal assistants’ fees are between £100 and £145 per hour plus VAT. For our trainee solicitors and paralegals, the cost will be between £150 and £190 per hour, plus VAT.

We make sure that we bill in regular instalments, and we are able to agree monthly payment plans where required, with interest at 8% on outstanding balances.

All fees are subject to VAT.

For more information, see our fees and funding page.

Licensing agreement FAQs

What is a licensing agreement?

A licensing agreement refers to a written contract that grants you permission to use the property of another party, according to set conditions. This might refer to intellectual property, business assets or commercial property.

The agreement is between two parties, the licensee, who seeks to receive permission, and the licensor, who grants that permission.

How to negotiate an intellectual property licensing agreement?

When you are negotiating an intellectual property licensing agreement, there are various elements that you’ll need to consider. For instance, you’ll need to think about the duration of the licence, and whether or not it will renew automatically after a certain period of time. You may also wish to consider if the terms are variable, and what are the consequences will be if the agreement is terminated early.

If you are preparing to negotiate an intellectual property licensing agreement, and need legal advice on doing so, please get in touch with us at Thornton Jones.

What is included in a licensing agreement?

Licensing agreements cover many areas, a few of which include:

  • Details on exclusivity, for instance, where the property can be sold and any sale conditions
  • How the licensee will make payments to cover usage of the licensor’s property
  • May also cover subsidiary licensing, (meaning that the licensee may permit a third party to use the licensed property)
  • Information on quality control, including restrictions to ensure that the assets or property are being used correctly

How does a commercial property licensing agreement work?

This type of agreement provides a commercial tenant with permission to use a commercial premises, for a given period of time.

While a license allows the tenant to use the premises, it is distinctly different to a commercial lease, and therefore does not afford the tenant the same rights. For this reason, it is vital that the tenant is well informed as to the terms of the license, and receives expert legal advice.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we can provide detailed legal information regarding any licensing agreement you have, or contract you are preparing to enter into.

Speak to our licensing agreement solicitors in Wakefield, Ossett, Garforth and Sherburn in Elmet today

For advice on licensing agreements in Wakefield, Ossett, Garforth, Sherburn in Elmet or Mapplewell,, West Yorkshire today.

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