Dispute Resolution Fees

Dispute Resolution Fees

Our Dispute Resolution Fees

Fixed Fee Dispute Resolution

For some types of dispute resolution work, we can offer fixed fees. This will normally cover a specific piece of work, such as drafting and sending a letter before action or providing an individual session of mediation.

Hourly Rates for our Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Where fixed fees are not applicable, we charge an hourly rate. We bill in regular instalments and can, subject to your circumstances, agree a monthly payment plan in which interest is charged at 8% per annum on outstanding balances.

We may request a payment-on-account of £150 plus VAT* when you make an appointment to see one of our solicitors. This payment covers up to 1 hour of our solicitors’ time to review any documentation (if required) and attend the initial consultation with you.

Conditional Fee Agreements and Damages Based Agreements

We are occasionally able to offer Conditional Fee Arrangements (CBA) and Damages Based Agreements (DBA) to our clients. Full information regarding this will be included in the client care correspondence. Clients however must remain aware that they may still be liable to our fees and charges. This should be discussed and agreed with your solicitor.

*Where VAT applies it will apply at the rate force at the time of transaction. VAT is currently applied at 20%.

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