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Statistics show that almost two thirds of people don’t have a will, and a quarter of people have never thought about writing one.

The truth is, without a valid and up to date will, the law decides how your property and assets are shared out and, if you don’t have a family, the state will inherit everything. People you may not have considered may have a claim, and this can cause serious problems and complications in the event of your death.

Marriage, children, separation, divorce, living together or dying together can have serious implications if you do not have a properly worded will. Couples who live together without getting married need to be aware that ‘common law marriage’ doesn’t exist. Without a will, their partner is not their next of kin, and may receive nothing at all from their estate.

Reasons to make a will

A will lets you make the decisions you want for your family. You can choose guardians for your children while they are young and decide at what age they should inherit; you can provide for your pets, friends or favourite charities; and preparing a will is far, far less expensive than a disputed estate.

Whether or not it is done as part of a divorce or separation, we can review your will – if you have one – and quickly and easily update it or prepare a new will on your behalf, which will ensure your loved ones receive an inheritance and enable you to appoint guardians for your children, if you have them. We can also advise you on bespoke discretionary and lifetime trusts. You may need specialist tax planning advice when making a will, and we can help with that, too.

How much does a Will cost?

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