Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Legal disputes can be costly, time-consuming and hugely emotionally draining to deal with. However, it is important to stand up for yourself and your rights when the need arises. Having the support of skilled dispute resolution experts can make things easier for you, while giving you the best chance of securing the result you need.

With strong skills in alternative dispute resolution and court litigation, our team can protect your rights and give you the best chance of a favourable outcome in a way that matches your priorities.

In most cases, we can avoid the need for court proceedings, using methods such as constructive negotiation, mediation and arbitration. In many cases, a well-drafted letter before action from our team is enough to prompt the other part of reach a fair resolution.

However, where court proceedings are needed, you can be assured that our team have the seasoned expertise and robust litigation skills needed to defend your interests and secure the most favourable outcome available.

Our Dispute Resolution Methods

Letters before action

Many disputes can be resolved quickly and cost effectively with a well-drafted letter before action from our team.

Our dispute resolution lawyers can clearly lay out the facts of the dispute as you see them, any relevant contracts and laws, the outcome you would like to achieve and the time by which you wish to see a resolution.

Often, knowing that you are working with a firm of solicitors is enough to prompt the other party to agree to your terms or negotiate another fair resolution. However, if a resolution cannot be agreed, a letter before action can form a solid basis for further action.

Constructive negotiation

Our dispute resolution team can advise and represent you during negotiations with the other party, making sure your position is clear and your priorities are respected. We have a strong track record of success with out of court negotiations, so can give you the best chance of agreeing a fair outcome with the other party or parties involved.


Mediation is very popular option for resolving disputes. It involves the parties meeting with a trained neutral mediator who can facilitate an open discussion about the issues involved in a dispute and what resolution the parties would like to achieve.

We can provide trained mediators, whose role is to facilitate discussion of a dispute, advise on points of law and defuse any potential for conflict. We can also advise on the terms of any agreement reached through mediation, so you can be sure your interests are protected.


We are one of the few firms in the region to offer this highly effective form of alternative dispute resolution. Arbitration can be a good option if you wish to avoid court proceedings but cannot agree a resolution.

Both parties will agree to work with an arbitrator, who will review their cases and provide a decision on how the dispute should be resolved. This allows you to place the decision into the hands of a trained, neutral third party, without the delays, expense and public nature of court proceedings.

Court proceedings

Should it be necessary to take your dispute to court, our dispute resolution experts can support you every step of the way. We can assist with preparing your case and make sure you have the very best representation for any hearings you need to attend. We can thus give you the strongest chance of securing the outcome you need in court.

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