Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Business transactions and the agreements that govern them are critical to the success of any enterprise. Getting the right terms in place helps to ensure a productive and profitable relationship while minimising the risk of disputes.

At Thornton Jones, our commercial law solicitors regularly advise all types of businesses on their commercial contracts and agreements. We can provide seasoned expertise, ensuring the terms you agree to facilitate the commercial relationships you need and support your overall business success.

Your business is unique, so we take the time to understand your specific requirements and any key areas of concern. This way, we can ensure that the contracts and agreements we draft will work for you. If a problem has arisen with a commercial agreement, we can also offer high level expertise in contract disputes.

Our Commercial team benefits from the experience of Consultant Solicitor Michael Cook. Michael has over 20 years of experience working with businesses across a wide range of industries. As well as being a solicitor, Michael has also trained as an accountant, so brings a strong grasp of the financial aspects of business transactions that few other commercial lawyers can match.

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Our expertise with commercial law

Shareholder agreements

Shareholder agreements define the duties of shareholders and the relationship between them. They are essential to ensure key decisions can be made smoothly and promptly, as well as governing how any disputes should be resolved.

Our commercial law solicitors can help to create a shareholder agreement that matches the specific requirements of your business. We will make sure the agreement works seamlessly with other company constitutional documents, such as your articles of association, providing an effective framework for your business.

Investment agreements

As an investor or a business seeking investment, it is critical to get the right terms in place for any investment. The agreement needs to clearly define details such as how much is being invested, when the investment will be delivered and what rights the investor has.

We can assist with negotiating and drafting investment agreements, making sure that the terms match both parties’ interests. By considering the investment from all angles, our business solicitors can help to ensure a productive relationship for the length of the investment.

Bespoke articles of association

Articles of association are written rules for how a company will be run. They are a legal requirement but are also vital documents to ensure a business can operate effectively.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they can simply use “off-the-shelf” articles of association, but this can be a serious error. Our commercial law solicitors can work closely with you to draft bespoke articles of association that reflect the specifics of your business. This can be critical to the smooth running and long-term success of your business, so it is not an area where you should cut corners.

LLP and partnership agreements

Partnerships, including Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), are one of the most common forms of business in the UK. While it might seem like a straightforward arrangement, it is still strongly recommended to have a written agreement in place to govern the partnership.

Our commercial lawyers can help partners get in place a sound agreement that covers how the business will be owned and run, how decisions will be made and how any disputes will be resolved.

Bespoke terms and conditions of trading

A business’s terms and conditions (Ts and Cs) are a critical risk management tool. They can provide strong recourse in the event of customer complaints or disputes, but they are only effective if they are tailored to the business in question.

We can advise on all of the issues that should be covered in your terms and conditions, giving your business the best protection possible. Our business solicitors can draft terms and conditions from scratch for new businesses, as well as reviewing and revising existing Ts and Cs to bring them up to standard.

Loan agreements

Whether you are lending or borrowing money, you must have a proper loan agreement in place to protect your interests. This should cover points including how much is being lent, the purpose for the loan (if relevant), any security offered and the repayment terms.

Our commercial law solicitors are highly experienced in drafting and reviewing loan agreements, so can make sure any agreement you enter into is commercially sound.

Licence agreements

Whether you are licensing equipment, intellectual property or any other business asset, you need to get an agreement in place that protects your commercial interests.

We can advise on the terms of an agreement, making sure that it clearly states exactly what is being licensed, the terms under which this is happening and what should happen if any problems arise.

Software agreements

Whether you are a software company or a business procuring software, the agreement that governs the client-supplier relationship is hugely important.

Our commercial solicitors can assist with drafting software agreements for suppliers, as well as reviewing and negotiating amendments for buyers. Should a dispute arise over a software agreement, we can assist with resolving matters using the provisions set out in the agreement or through further proceedings where needed.

Hosting and web development agreements

Websites are now an essential business tool, with the vast majority being developed and hosted by third parties. If you are a web developer, hosting company or business purchasing these services, you should seek specialist advice on the terms of the necessary agreements.

We can draft and review hosting and web development agreements, making sure they work for your business today and in the future.

Employee ownership trust disposals

Employee ownership trusts are growing in popularity as a way for shareholders to smoothly exit a business, while maintaining its identity and rewarding its team. Selling to an employee ownership trust is, in many ways, more straightforward than a typical business sale, but there are a number of legal steps that must be correctly navigated.

Our commercial law solicitors have experience in dealing with employee ownership trust disposals, so can support shareholders and prospective trustees through the entire process. We can help to ensure the sale goes ahead as quickly as possible with minimal fuss, while protecting the value of the business.

Our commercial law fees

Our commercial solicitors aim to make our fees clear and competitive, ensuring you are aware of the likely costs from the outset.

Our commercial law solicitors’ hourly rates

Our corporate and commercial law solicitors charge between £190 and £250 per hour plus VAT for commercial work, depending on the level of expertise you need for your case and the complexity of the work involved.

Our legal assistants’ fees are between £100 and £145 per hour plus VAT. For our trainee solicitors and paralegals, the cost will be between £150 and £190 per hour, plus VAT.

We make sure that we bill in regular instalments, and we are able to agree monthly payment plans where required, with interest at 8% on outstanding balances.

All fees are subject to VAT.

For more information, see our fees and funding page.

Speak to our commercial law solicitors in Wakefield, Ossett, Garforth, Sherburn in Elmet and Mapplewell today

For expert advice on commercial law in Wakefield, Ossett, Garforth, Sherburn in Elmet or Mapplewell West Yorkshire, contact us today.

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