Family Law Fees

Family Law Fees

Our Family Law Fees

Where you need ongoing legal support, we will charge a set hourly rate of between £100 – £250+VAT based on the level of legal expertise required to deal effectively with your requirements.

Prenuptial Agreements

The fees we charge for pre-nuptial agreements are from £750 plus VAT*

Cohabitation Agreements

The fees we charge for cohabitation agreements are from £500 plus VAT*

Change of Name Deeds

The fees we charge for change of name deeds are from £150 plus VAT*

All fees are subject to VAT* at the prevailing rate.

Collaborative Law Fees

Collaborative Law is charged at our normal hourly rates.

Same-Sex Relationships Fees

We are able to offer some of our same-sex family law services on a fixed fee basis, while others will be charged on an hourly rate. The exact costs will depend on the complexity of the work, and therefore the level of expertise and time required.

Divorce Financial Settlement Fees

Fixed Fees

We are able to offer fixed fees for some matters – such as individual sessions of mediation or applying for a consent order – giving you certainty over the costs involved in making a financial settlement.


Our rates for mediation are as follows:

  • Children-only mediations – £650 plus VAT* per person
  • Property and Finance only mediations – £750 plus VAT* per person
  • All-issues mediation (children, property and finance) – £800 plus VAT* per person
  • Child Inclusive mediation – usually we do not charge any additional sums for speaking to a child as part of the two session children-only package as set out above. This depends upon suitability.

All of the above prices include two mediation sessions plus all the associated paperwork. Additional sessions are charged at £250 plus VAT* per person, per session.

  • MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings) – £180 plus VAT* per person.
  • MIAM appointments are required for anyone wishing to consider mediation.

*All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Our grandparents’ rights fees

Fixed fees

Our grandparents rights lawyers in Wakefield, Ossett, Garforth and Sherburn in Elmet offer fixed fees for some work, such as individual mediation sessions, so that you know from the outset how much the cost will be.

Hourly rates

For other issues and ongoing legal advice and representation we will charge you an hourly rate in accordance with the level of expertise your case needs. The hourly rate of our lawyers for grandparents is between £100-£250+VAT.

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