Company Law

Company Law

Business leaders require efficient legal solutions and support to facilitate the smooth running of their enterprises. To ensure that your business remains successful, various company processes must be handled correctly to achieve legal compliance and avoid costly disputes.

Our solicitors at Thornton Jones can support you with all aspects and requirements of company law. We can provide you with ample expertise, ensuring that the correct procedures and legal agreements are in place to support your operations and growth.

We appreciate that each business has diverse requirements, which is why we start by assessing your unique needs, allowing us to offer bespoke legal assistance.

Consultant solicitor Michael Crook from our corporate department has over 20 years of experience in the field, having worked with many companies across a diverse range of industries. Michael is highly regarded for his effective approach, with a wide range of legal and commercial experience at his disposal.

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Our expertise with company law

Our legal assistance spans various key areas of corporate law, such as:

  • Lead advisory for buying and selling shares or assets
  • Management led buyouts
  • Specialist company share structures
  • Company and group restructuring
  • Advising directors and shareholders
  • Advising partnerships and limited liability partnerships
  • Exit planning and share schemes
  • Loans & security
  • Pharmacy Sales

Lead advisory for buying and selling shares or assets

Purchasing or selling businesses involve delicate processes that are best supported by legal expertise. At Thornton Jones Law, we can provide specialist legal advice for businesses on all related matters, including:

Share purchases: Selling company shares to offer control of the business, meaning that liabilities are also transferred to the buyer.

Asset purchases: Whereby both the buyer and seller agree on the specific liabilities and assets that will be transferred and establish any assets that remain the responsibility of the seller.

Our specialist solicitors can offer legal advice in either scenario, including matters such as transferring the claims to brand names or intellectual property.

Management led buyouts

Management led buyouts are a popular option for many businesses. These transactions involve the management team buying the company, or part of it, from the owners.

While a buy-out can be a worthwhile investment for management personnel, there are various legalities involved, and so the process must be handled carefully.

Our expert legal team can support businesses with the key legal considerations when approaching a management buy-out, such as:

  • Conducting due diligence
  • Negotiating warranties
  • Drafting share agreements, asset purchase agreements and contracts

Specialist company share structures

Ordinary shares are an attractive share structure for many businesses, largely because they are straightforward, providing equal responsibilities to shareholders. Where businesses do not wish to deal in ordinary shares, our company law solicitors can provide advice on specialist share options, including:

  • Redeemable shares
  • Preference shares
  • Deferred ordinary shares
  • Alphabet shares
  • Non-voting shares

Company and group restructuring

There may come a time when company restructuring is a viable option for your business. Where this is the case, our solicitors can help you to consider and facilitate all aspects of restructuring, from refinancing and capital reductions to share rights and mergers.

When it comes to company and group restructuring, we will ensure that you appreciate your obligations and are well prepared for the relevant processes.

Advising directors and shareholders

Shareholders and directors play pivotal roles in a company, and it is crucial that these roles are outlined and negotiated using the appropriate legal documentation.

Our expert lawyers can provide specialist company law advice to both directors and shareholders concerning documentation and matters, to include:

  • Articles of association
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Disputes between shareholders, directors, and other parties
  • Issues of corporate governance

Advising partnerships and limited liability partnerships

To ensure a successful partnership, it is imperative to have a properly drafted partnership agreement. Our solicitors can assist partners in negotiating and drafting the terms of these agreements. We can help you in considering the essential elements, such as the responsibilities of each partner, the partnership length, and how profits are divided.

Limited liability partnerships are quite different to traditional partnerships. Members of an LLP will not have business shares or employment contracts. The terms that govern LLPs should be laid out in a member’s agreement.

If you need legal advice on limited liability partnerships, please contact Thornton Jones.

Exit planning

Exiting your company requires significant consideration and planning. You might be intending to sell or retire. Whatever the reason, the decision has substantial financial implications and is best executed with the help of a solicitor.

For some business owners, an exit is planned for financial purposes, for example, to extract capital from your company while continuing with a management position.

A business exit strategy depends on the circumstances of your exit and what you intend to achieve. Our specialist lawyers have much experience supporting a diverse range of businesses to plan the perfect exit strategy.

Share Schemes

Offering employee share schemes have various advantages for business owners, including tax benefits, succession planning opportunities, and improving employee retention.

To access such benefits, it’s vital that business owners seek legal advice before offering specific share schemes. Our experts at Thornton Jones can ensure that you understand the obligations involved, supporting you in offering schemes that suit your company and your long-term goals.

Loans & security

Accessing finance may be necessary for your business at some stage. Our company law solicitors can provide advice on a full range of security documentation and finance options.

We can assist you in negotiating and drafting security documents such as bills of sales, debentures and guarantees. Our solicitors can offer support to prepare loan documentation, and help companies to draft deeds of priority.

For more information on how we can help you with loans and security and company law, please get in touch.

Pharmacy Sales

If you need legal representation to sell or purchase a pharmacy, our specialist solicitors can guide you.

Purchasing or selling a pharmacy differs from the general processes of acquiring a company, there are plenty of technical aspects to consider. We have much experience supporting clients with the associated processes and can help you to make the necessary legal considerations, including due diligence, data protection, and adhering to NHS regulations.

Our company law fees

At Thornton Jones, we ensure that our fees are competitive and clear so that clients understand the costs from the very beginning.

Our company law solicitors’ hourly rates

Our solicitors charge between £190 and £250 per hour plus VAT for commercial work, depending on the level of expertise you need for your case and the complexity of the work involved.

Our legal assistants’ fees are between £100 and £145 per hour plus VAT. For our trainee solicitors and paralegals, the cost will be between £150 and £190 per hour, plus VAT.

You will receive your bills in regular instalments, and our solicitors will attempt to agree on payment plans on a monthly basis, where appropriate. Such payment plans incur 8% interest on outstanding balances, and fees are subject to VAT.

For more information, see our fees and funding page.

Speak to our company law solicitors in Wakefield, Ossett, Garforth, Sherburn in Elmet and Mapplewell today

For expert advice on UK company law in Wakefield, Ossett, Garforth, Sherburn in Elmet or Mapplewell, West Yorkshire, contact us today.

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