Redefining family law

Welcome to Thornton Jones Solicitors. Our skilled team provides high quality legal advice covering all areas of family life, including:

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Expert help & support

We understand how traumatic divorce and separation can be. Our aim is to help you through it without destroying your family.

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A constructive approach

Not everyone wants to go through a court battle when they separate. That’s why we offer alternatives to the traditional court process to help you resolve the issues that are most important to you.

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Complete peace of mind

It’s not something we like to think about, but making sure your loved ones are protected can help make things easier for them at a difficult time if something were to happen to you. We can advise you on:

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A proactive and personal service

Whether you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging a property, we will help you with your transaction from start to finish.

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Legal advice you can trust and rely on

Welcome to Thornton Jones Solicitors. We are a highly skilled team of lawyers, based in Wakefield, Ossett and Garforth (Leeds), with over 50 years’ combined experience.  For us, family law isn’t just about divorce or separation. There are many times in a family’s life when legal advice is required, and we have built a team of legal experts who are friendly, approachable and here to give you advice in all aspects of family life.

When it comes to resolving the issues that arise when a relationship breaks down, our specialist lawyers are here to help. Whether you need to use traditional litigation or would prefer to consider alternatives to court – such as collaborative law, mediation or arbitration - we can help you in a sensitive and understanding way.

As well as providing sympathetic and supportive guidance in the event of a relationship breakdown, we can help you make sure your family is well looked after at every stage of your - and their – lives; whether they are moving house, making a will, appointing a guardian for their children, setting up a trust or assigning Lasting Powers of Attorney. So if you’re looking for expert advice from a responsive team who can take care of all your family’s legal needs, talk to us.

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New Baby News!

We are so happy to announce that Liz Fyfe has finally given birth to a beautiful baby boy​. Liz is going to be taking a short time off to enjoy her new addition to her family. From everyone here at Thornton Jones, we wish Liz and her family all the very best and can't wait for her to visit with baby so we can all pinch a cuddle.

Liz will be returning after just a short break on Wednesday 18th March 2020.