Our Values

Our Values

We believe that supporting and engaging with our people, whether they be our team members, our business associates, and indeed our clients, should be at the heart of what we do.

The essence of our company culture is to ensure that everyone feels valued. We have high expectations so that we can be a firm full of happy and fulfilled people who produce a high standard of work and maintain an exceptional client service.

We have created a set of core values and behaviours which every member of our team follows, from our newest team members to our most experienced employees, to ensure our culture remains positive and professional and our employees can flourish in their careers.

These values are used throughout everyone’s journey with Thornton Jones. From interviews through to inductions, from team meetings to our one-to-ones, and in our daily lives. This helps us to ensure that our true values-based culture can thrive.

Our Core Values

We all take responsibility for celebrating behaviours that demonstrate our core values and we call out behaviours when they do not meet our values, but we also shout out loud and celebrate when our team excel. By doing this we can collectively ensure that our culture can grow and thrive as our business grows and thrives.

What Are Our Values?

We have six core values which we believe encapsulates everything that is needed to have a happy, motivated and empowered team who deliver excellence for themselves, their colleagues, and of course their clients. Our core values are:

Our Core Values

A Passion For Excellence

We will always strive to achieve our best and encourage others to do the same both in our own work and adhering to the highest standards of customer service.

Professional Integrity

We will respect our position as ambassadors of the firm by maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity/

Trust and Respect

We will ensure that our colleagues and clients can trust us to look after their needs and we respect the differing needs of individuals both within our organisation and externally to it.

Supporting and Valuing Everyone

We will work with our colleagues to maintain a culture where every member of the TJ team feels valued and supported both as individuals and as part of the wider firm ethos.

Standing Out From the Crowd

We want to be known as a Law firm that offers a traditional person focussed level of customer service which embraces the technology that the modern world has to offer to streamline processes and service levels.

Community and Sustainability

We will, as ethical members of our legal community, commit to taking individual and collective responsibility to limit our impact on the environment, and to be active supporters of our local communities and the community of the firm.

Our values shape us. They direct us. They inspire us. Collectively, we become better, thanks to the values we uphold.

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