Solicitors near Normanton, West Yorkshire

Solicitors near Normanton, West Yorkshire

Our Wakefield office is 5.3 miles from Normanton, a quick 15 minute drive, where our expert Thornton Jones solicitors deliver a personalised service to individuals and businesses seeking legal expertise near Normanton, West Yorkshire.

At Thornton Jones, we take pride in our team’s friendly and supportive approach to all types of legal matters.

Visiting our Wakefield office from Normanton

Wakefield office details

Bank House
1 Burton Street

T: 01924 290029
F: 01924 290240

Travelling by car to Wakefield

Our Wakefield office has many public car parks close by, including Carter Street, Gills Yard, Merchant Gate and Rishworth Street car parks.

Travelling by bus to Wakefield

The closest bus stop to our Wakefield office is located on Cliff Lane and serves bus route WCB.

Travelling by train to Wakefield

Wakefield Westgate is the closest train station and is a short three minutes walk from our office.


Everyone should be able to access legal assistance should they need it. That’s why we are on hand to assist with any additional needs or support you may require at our Wakefield office.

Our legal services near Normanton, West Yorkshire

Residential property services near Normanton

While property transactions should be an exciting prospect they can often feel daunting without the guidance of a residential property solicitor.

Our solicitors can provide specialist residential property advice, guiding clients through the process in a stress-free way and avoiding delays where possible. No matter the transaction assistance you require, our team have the knowledge and skill to assist.

Our residential property solicitors near Normanton can provide specialist assistance with matters including:

  • Buying a home
  • Selling your home
  • Equity release
  • Shared ownership
  • Leasehold property
  • Remortgaging

Corporate & commercial services near Normanton

Legal advice is valuable to a business, helping it to overcome any potential issues and have the best possibility of success in the future.

Our expert solicitors have worked with clients from all types of industries over the years, providing reliable and irreplaceable advice and support, no matter the type of assistance required.

Our corporate and commercial solicitors near Normanton can provide expertise in matters such as:

Divorce, separation & mediation services near Normanton

Going through a divorce or separation can be an emotionally charged process with plenty to consider. Acquiring pragmatic advice and hands-on guidance from a solicitor is a must.

Our solicitors understand the challenges faced with divorce and separation, including finances and with children. We strive to provide a service that supports you through this difficult time while maintaining relationships where possible. Our solicitor can guide you towards alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, helping to avoid contentious court proceedings where doable.

Our divorce, separation & mediation solicitors near Normanton can help with issues including:

Settlement agreement services near Normanton

Some employers may present employees with a settlement agreement, sometimes referred to as a compromise, which refers to a financial payment in exchange for terminating an employment contract

Our settlement agreement solicitors near Normanton can explain the terms of the agreement to you and negotiate with your employer to ensure the terms are suitable for your interests.

Same-Sex Relationship services near Normanton

Same-sex relationships often face the same complications of heterosexual relationships, but the aspects involved can vary.

Our solicitors understand the difficulty that legal issues can have on couples and strive to provide a service with proficient advice and support to guide you. We encourage our clients to seek amicable, cost-effective and quicker resolution methods through ADR, such as private negotiation and mediation.

Our same-sex relationship solicitors near Normanton can provide specialist advice and guidance on matters such as:

  • Co-habitation agreements
  • Pre-nuptial & Pre-registration agreements
  • Same-sex divorce
  • Same-sex family dispute resolution
  • Wills for same-sex couples

Wills & probate services near Normanton

Many individuals die without having a valid Will in place, but a Will is crucial for many reasons, including reducing the likelihood of contentious probate claims, reducing the amount of inheritance tax payable and ensuring your loved ones receive financial provisions.

A solicitor can assist with drafting a tax-efficient Will, along with other matters, including probate and estate administration. Our team have a high level of experience and skill, having helped clients from all backgrounds, including estates worth millions of pounds.

Our Wills and probate solicitors near Normanton can assist with issues concerning:

Dispute resolution near Normanton

Being involved in a dispute can be stressful, having the potential to considerably affect your everyday life, including your wellbeing and finances. Acquiring legal advice at the earliest opportunity is recommended to ensure disputes do not progress further.

Our solicitors can help provide the advice and assistance you require, including drafting and sending the other party a letter before action and guiding you through non-contentious out-of-court methods where suitable. We can help prep and represent court litigation should this route be necessary.

Our dispute resolution solicitors near Normanton can help with matters including:

Legal resources near Normanton

Wakefield Citizens Advice Bureau

The Wakefield Citizens Advice Bureau charity provides free, independent, impartial advice to people living in the Wakefield District and further afield, such as Normanton.

Wakefield Civil and Family Justice Centre

This local court near Normanton handles legal matters, including divorce, money claims, social security, housing possession, bankruptcy and domestic violence.

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Speak to our solicitors near Rothwell at our Wakefield office. We also have offices in OssettGarforth or Sherburn in Elmet for your convenience. Contact our solicitors near Normanton today by calling 01924 290 029 or ask a question using our online enquiry form.

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