Probate Solicitors near Tadcaster

Probate Solicitors near Tadcaster

Dealing with the death of a loved one is an emotionally exhausting experience. When you’re going through emotional turmoil, it can be all the more arduous to handle the associated legal proceedings.

Our probate solicitors near Tadcaster can support you and your family every step of the way. At Thornton Jones Solicitors, we are highly experienced in assisting with estates both where there is a Will and where there is no Will. Our expertise includes all of the common legal disputes that may arise.

Probate refers to the legal right to handle a person’s possessions, money and property, after they pass away. It is the role of the executor, appointed in the Will, to take responsibility for probate. If there is no Will, then the closest living relative of the deceased will need to administer the estate.

Our experienced team can help clients in Tadcaster and the surrounding area with issues including:

  • Securing grant of probate
  • Applying for letters of administration if there is no Will
  • Estate administration
  • Contentious probate (inheritance disputes)

We have experience with estates and assets of all levels, including high value and complex matters, so can provide expertise carefully tailored to your situation and requirements.

For friendly, experienced probate advice near Tadcaster, please contact our Sherburn in Elmet office, which is just 6 miles (about a 10-minute drive) from Tadcaster.

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How our probate solicitors near Tadcaster can help

Securing grant of probate

If there is a Will and you were named as an executor, our probate solicitors can help you to apply for probate, granting you the legal right to handle a loved one’s estate when they pass away.

When applying for probate, submitting incorrect information can incur penalties, so it is important to complete the application fully and accurately.

To navigate your way through the legal stages, it’s important to have the guidance of a probate solicitor who can ensure you understand the requirements of your role and exactly what you need to do every step of the way.

Applying for letters of administration if there is no Will

If the deceased did not leave a valid Will, this is known as ‘dying intestate’ or ‘intestacy’. Instead of applying for grant of probate, you will instead need to apply for letters of administration. The closest living relative of the deceased will need to make the application, which will normally be their spouse, civil partner or an adult child.

Our team can help you to secure letters of administration and guide you through the whole process of administering an intestate estate, including clear advice on who will inherit under intestacy rules.

Estate administration

Handling someone’s estate after they’ve died can feel incredibly stressful, especially when emotions are high. Our probate solicitors near Tadcaster can assist you with every aspect of estate administration and, if it’s your preference, we can handle the entire procedure.

If a person has died without leaving a Will, our legal team can guide you through the intestacy process, making sure you fully understand your rights, the rights of other potential beneficiaries and everything you need to do.

The estate administration process will vary, according to the guidelines stated in the Will, and the specific assets and beneficiaries. The basic procedure that the estate administrator must follow includes:

  • Collecting information about the debts and assets of the estate
  • Making an application for grant of probate
  • Filling out an inheritance tax return
  • Receiving back the grant of probate documents
  • Paying any debts that the deceased is liable for
  • Following the instructions of the will to distribute the estate

Contentious probate

When a person passes away, it’s not uncommon for estate disputes to arise. For instance, if an individual is unhappy with the provision for them under the Will or intestacy rules. In some circumstances, questions may be raised about the legitimacy or authenticity of the Will e.g. one or more parties might be concerned that the deceased person was unduly influenced when drafting their Will.

Our contentious probate solicitors in Tadcaster will work to achieve a positive solution and avoid lengthy court proceedings. If the dispute cannot be resolved without a court hearing, we can offer legal guidance to secure the best outcome for you.

How long does the probate process take?

The length of the probate process varies according to the complexity and size of the estate. On average, most estates should take approximately one year. It’s not uncommon for disputes to arise and this can mean that there are delays in administering the estate.

Why choose our probate solicitors near Tadcaster?

Our probate solicitors near Tadcaster have an excellent reputation. At Thornton Jones Solicitors, we are committed to delivering practical advice, while remaining sensitive and empathetic during this difficult time.

As well as our probate and estate administration expertise, we can provide advice on Willstrust administrationliving WillsCourt of Protection deputyship, and more.

Thornton Jones Solicitors belongs to the Law Society Wills & Inheritance Quality Accreditation scheme, reflecting our quality service and expertise in probate and Will matters. Our team legal includes qualified members of STEP (the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners).

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), offering assurance that we consistently meet the highest level of professional and legal standards.

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