Divorce Solicitors near Tadcaster

Divorce Solicitors near Tadcaster

At Thornton Jones, divorce solicitors in North Yorkshire, we know how hard it can be to deal with the breakdown of a relationship and the associated issues, such as financial agreements and arrangements for children. Our family law team are experts in their field and will work to help and guide you through this difficult time, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected.

We can advise you across a full range of matters, from separation and divorce to same-sex family law, cohabitation disputes and children issues.

Wherever possible, we work to resolve matters by agreement rather than by court hearing. This is generally quicker and more cost-effective, as well as preventing a relationship from deteriorating further. This is particularly important where children are involved. We can negotiate on your behalf and, where an agreement cannot be reached, we can represent you through an alternative dispute resolution process such as mediation or collaborative law.

If your case does require a court hearing, we will ensure you have a strong case and expert representation. We know how stressful legal proceedings are, and you can be sure that we will stay by your side throughout to provide advice and guidance and to answer any questions you may have.

For expert divorce advice in Tadcaster or the surrounding area, please contact our Sherburn-in-Elmet office.

We will be happy to advise you over the phone, via email or videoconferencing or in person – whatever works best for you.

How our divorce solicitors can help clients in Tadcaster

Our North Yorkshire divorce solicitors have extensive experience in acting for clients in Tadcaster and beyond in respect of all aspects of divorce and family law, including:

Divorce proceedings

If you want to start divorce proceedings, we can advise you of the grounds for divorce and ensure that you follow the correct procedure. It is often advisable to deal with other issues before finalising a divorce, and we can explain your options to you.

If your spouse has commenced divorce proceedings and you wish to defend them, we can represent you.

Divorce financial settlements

When a relationship ends, the financial uncertainty can be difficult. Dividing your assets, which could include a family home, is never easy.

It is important to deal with financial issues at the time you divorce, even if you and your spouse are in agreement over what will happen. If you do not put a financial agreement in place, your spouse could come back to you in the future to ask for a settlement.

We will explain the basis on which a court would make a financial settlement so that you have a good idea of what you might be entitled to. We can negotiate on your behalf to try and reach an agreement. We will suggest ways in which assets can be shared fairly and work to ensure that you have the financial security you need for the future.

Our services include dealing with the following issues:

  • How money, property, assets and debts will be shared
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child maintenance
  • Pension sharing

Arrangements for children

Putting new arrangements in place for your children is often the hardest part of any separation. Our family law team understand how important this issue will be to you and will advise you of your options.

Wherever possible, the courts prefer that parents make arrangements between themselves without the need for a hearing. We can help you through the negotiation process and, where necessary, support you in alternative dispute resolution.

The court will always make its decision based on what it believes to be in the best interests of the children, taking into account the issues such as the wishes of each child, bearing in mind their age and understanding, their needs, any risk of neglect or abuse, the parent’s ability to meet the child’s needs and how any changes may impact the child.

Our family law solicitors can advise and represent you in legal proceedings relating to your child, including in respect of:

  • Child residence (with whom your child will live for the majority of the time)
  • Child contact (the time that the non-resident parent will spend with the child)
  • How decisions relating to the child’s upbringing will be made
  • Child maintenance payments

Alternative dispute resolution for divorce

The courts prefer that arrangements for divorce and related issues are dealt with by the parties without the intervention of the court wherever possible.

Our family and divorce solicitors have extensive experience in negotiating agreements on behalf of clients in respect of both financial and property issues and arrangements for children. We work to avoid contention and to help you and your spouse find a compromise solution that is acceptable to you both.

Where this is not possible, we can represent you through the alternative dispute resolution process, where a professional will work with you both to try and find a solution.

Family mediation

Mediation is the most popular form of alternative dispute resolution in divorce and family proceedings. If you apply to the court for a child arrangements order, you will usually need to demonstrate that you have at least considered mediation to resolve issues.

A trained neutral mediator will work with you both to help you understand your options and to try and work out what is best for your situation and for any children involved.

If you are able to agree on a way forward, the agreement can be put before the court to be sealed into a consent order, which means it will be legally binding on you both.

Our family team includes three trained mediators, Elizabeth FyfeAmanda Gait, and Clare Thornton.

Collaborative law

Collaborative law is similar to mediation, but instead of a mediator, you and your spouse will each be represented by a specialist collaborative lawyer who will take you through discussions to try and find an acceptable settlement.

Collaborative law is particularly suitable for couples with more complex financial situations, for example, high net worth individuals, where complicated assets are owned or in the case of international marriage.

Our family team includes two trained collaborative lawyers, Clare Thornton and Amanda Gait.


If you are finding it difficult to resolve issues with your spouse, then arbitration could help. It is similar to a court hearing, although it is less formal, and you can arrange the hearing at a time to suit you.

The arbitrator is an independent third party who will hear your case and make a decision. If you and your partner agree to arbitration, the decision of the arbitrator can be binding on both of you. It is generally a more cost-effective option than court and can be less stressful.

 Our family team includes a trained arbitrator, Clare Thornton.

Why choose Thornton Jones’ divorce solicitors near Tadcaster?

For divorce advice near Tadcaster, our family law team offer exceptional legal expertise as well as outstanding service. We will take the time to understand your situation so that you can be sure that our advice and recommendations will be tailored to your circumstances.

Many of our family law team are members of Resolution, a family law group that is committed to working constructively with families and individuals in divorce. Our Resolution members include:

We are also recognised for our skills and experience in family law by the Law Society with their Family Law Accreditation.

Thornton Jones is independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Contact our divorce lawyers near Tadcaster

For expert divorce advice in Tadcaster or the surrounding area, please contact our Sherburn-in-Elmet office. This is our closest office to Tadcaster and is 7 miles or a 15-minute drive away.

We also have offices in OssettWakefield and Garforth.

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