Solicitors near Kippax, West Yorkshire

Solicitors near Kippax, West Yorkshire

Our Garforth office is 1.9 miles from Kippax, a short 5 minute drive, where our expert Thornton Jones solicitors deliver a bespoke legal service to individuals and businesses near Kippax, West Yorkshire.

Our team are friendly, approachable and provide close personal support to ensure your needs are heard and smoothly met with minimal stress.

Visiting our Garforth office from Kippax

Garforth office details

Westbourne House
99 Lidgett Lane
LS25 1LJ

T: 0113 246 4423

Travelling by car to Garforth

Our Garforth office has parking available onsite.

Travelling by bus to Garforth

Our Garforth office is situated by the Garforth Academy bus stop, which serves bus routes 9, 19, 19A, 164, 174 and 175.

Travelling by train to Garforth

Our nearest train station is Garford train station, located 21 minutes from our office.


We understand that reaching our Garforth office won’t be straightforward for everyone. Should you need additional assistance, please contact a member of the team, and we will be happy to assist where possible.

Our legal services near Kippax, West Yorkshire

Residential property services near Kippax

No matter the type of property transaction you are carrying out, the assistance of a solicitor is valuable to ensure the entire process is effectively carried out and all legalities are correctly adhered to.

At Thornton Jones, we have a substantial level of residential property expertise, even for cases with more pressing circumstances. Our solicitors will carefully guide you through the process, making certain all aspects are done correctly, in addition to keeping stress levels low.

Our residential property solicitors near Kippax can offer pragmatic assistance on the following:

  • Buying a home
  • Selling your home
  • Equity release
  • Shared ownership
  • Leasehold property
  • Remortgaging

Corporate & commercial services near Kippax

For a business to have the best chance of success, it needs strong foundations in place, along with knowledge, skill and expertise from those who know how. Seeking the support of a solicitor is crucial and helps to sidestep unforeseeable problems you might face down the line.

Our solicitors at Thornton Jones have a wealth of collective experience helping clients efficiently operate their business, identify potential issues and take the necessary actions moving forward. We have worked with all types of businesses, from sole traders to partnerships and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our corporate & commercial solicitors near Kippax can provide expertise in matters such as:

Divorce, separation & mediation services near Kippax

Divorce and separation is a common occurrence in this day and age and can produce an array of disagreements. Acquiring the support of a solicitor is essential to sidestep conflict and achieve the best outcome for your interests, including those of any impacted children.

Our solicitors can assist with all aspects of divorce and separation, providing expert advice on the appropriate options and using collaborative approaches to steer you towards the desired result.

Our divorce, separation and mediation solicitors near Kippax can deliver expert advice on matters including:

Settlement agreement services near Kippax

You may be faced with a situation where your employer wishes to terminate your contract but doesn’t have the legal grounds to do so. In the circumstances such as these, they may offer you a settlement agreement. Which, theoretically speaking, is a lump sum in exchange for you waiving your employment rights upon exiting the business.

Our settlement agreement solicitors near Kippax can carefully assess any settlement agreement you have received, pointing out the benefits and limitations, along with answering any concerns or queries you may have with respect to the agreement. We can furthermore negotiate the terms of the settlement agreement with your employer, finding suitable terms which are in your best interests.

Same-Sex relationship services near Kippax

Legal issues do not change whether you are an LGBTQ couple or a heterosexual couple. However, the circumstances surrounding them can be slightly different. Speaking to a solicitor to ensure you are receiving quality advice and support is crucial.

At Thornton Jones, the team have assisted all types of LGBTQ couples through legal challenges. We always encourage clients to seek amicable resolution methods, including private negotiation and mediation, where suitable.

Our same-sex relationship solicitors have substantial experience in matters to include:

  • Co-habitation agreements
  • Pre-nuptial & Pre-registration agreements
  • Same-sex divorce
  • Same-sex family dispute resolution
  • Wills for same-sex couples

Wills & probate services near Kippax

There is a negative stigma surrounding the discussion of death, meaning many individuals fail to put a Will in place before it’s too late. Having a Will is crucial for various reasons, including reducing inheritance tax and the possibility of contentious probate and more.

The process of Wills and probate can be complicated without the proficient legal advice and guidance of a solicitor. Our specialist solicitors at Thornton Jones are available to provide a helping hand with all aspects of Will and probate matters. The team are friendly and approachable and recognises the emotions that surround these conversations. Therefore, they always strive to provide the utmost sensitivity and personal support. 

Our Wills and probate solicitors near Kippax can provide expertise in the following:

Dispute resolution services near Kippax

Disputes can be extremely disruptive to an individual and their family’s lives, potentially resulting in your mental health suffering and even financial difficulty. A solicitor can provide swift service, reducing the impact and keeping stress to a minimum.

Our solicitors near Kippax understand the severity of such situations and strive to deliver outstanding service. We can assist with drafting letters before action and guiding you and the other party towards less contentious resolution methods, such as constructive negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Should court proceedings be more appropriate for your situation, we have a strong track record for achieving the best outcome for your interests.

Our dispute resolution solicitors can assist with matters including:

Legal resources near Kippax

Citizens Advice Leeds

The Leeds Citizens Advice can provide specialist assistance in a free and confidential manner, assisting you with all types of legal matters.

Leeds District Magistrates’ Court and Family Court

This court handles matters, including childcare arrangements.

Leeds District Probate Registry

This court handles probate matters.

Leeds Employment Tribunal

This court handles claims against employers.

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