Can I Gift My Home To My Children?

As Private Client solicitors, one question we get asked repeatedly is whether you should gift your home to your children. This question usually stems from conversations in regard to inheritance tax and/or care home fees. Gifting your home to your children can be a great way to reduce tax liabilities and safeguard your most precious […]

5 Reasons to Update Your Will

Once you’ve made your Will, then that’s it right? Why would you need to review it or update it? Whether or not you need to update your Will depends very much on whether your circumstances have changed and if so, how. It may well be that your Will has been prepared in anticipation of the […]

What Is Probate

The word probate is used to describe the process involved in dealing with the administration of a person’s estate when they have died. Probate can also be used to describe the legal document giving authority to the person or persons to administer the deceased’s estate. If there is a Will the document is called a Grant of […]

What Does The Kenig Case Mean For Estate Administration Costs And Best Practice?

The recent case of Kenig v Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP as detailed in the Law Gazette further highlights the need for Solicitors to communicate with the Residuary Beneficiaries of an estate at the outset of the matter, to manage their expectations, and to assist in minimising the contact that they make with the firm. The Kenig v Thomson Snell & […]

What is Claudia’s Law? What To Do When Someone Goes Missing

When a loved one is missing, their close family and friends are of course going through an incredibly distressing time. When emotions are running high, and you’re deeply concerned for someone’s safety, arranging legal practicalities is naturally the last thing on your mind. At Thornton Jones our expert solicitors can manage the necessary legal tasks, […]

Dangers of Unregulated Will Writing Services

When obtaining and paying for legal documents and services, it can seem to many as an unnecessary expense. Also, with the advent of online “quick wills” and standard pre-printed packs, many question why they should go to the expense of instructing a Solicitor. Many online Will services offer the convenience of home visits and draw people […]

What is an Independent Administrator of an Estate?


Liz Fyfe

We are increasingly asked to act as an Independent Administrator, but for those who have not heard the term before, what is an Independent Administrator, and when would one be needed? What is an Independent Administrator? When a person passes away, how their Estate is divided, and who has the legal responsibility for carrying out their wishes, […]

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