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What the future holds... Or so I hope

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What the future holds... Or so I hope

Many of my colleagues have recently shared their hearts, both publicly via these blog posts, and privately via messages in the firm’s group chat, about the state of play of current society, the uncertainty that pervades their thoughts, and moments of great honour that we have all witnessed. Currently furloughed from work (so with little else to do), I can’t help but ponder the lessons that this period has taught us all.

Popping up on my Facebook feed is the increasingly popular post summarising the events of the past few weeks, with the sole intention that it will reappear as a ‘memory’ in the future, so that people are reminded of what has been happening. I get the reasoning behind this: life is busy, things take over, people move on; but this has made me start to think about the future.

I hope that the impact of COVID-19 is not a reminder that we need to be prompted into, and that everyone refuses to forget the effect these last few weeks has had on us all.

I hope that the increase in domestic violence reports prompts us to touch base with that friend who disappeared for no reason when they got their new partner, just to make sure that they are ok.

I hope that, in light of media reports of increased alcohol use, we can all better understand how quickly, and without warning, we can come to rely on ‘something else’ to get through a difficult time, and develop habits or a reliance that we never foresaw or could have predicted.

I hope that when people are allowed to meet in pubs and restaurants, they do so without their mobiles in their hands, and begin to really pay attention to, and engage with, the people present with them.

I hope that the next time we wake up with the Monday Morning Blues, we remember that being able to get into our cars and go to work is a freedom and privilege.

I hope that going forward into the future the NHS will continue to get the respect, support and acknowledgement it deserves, and that when all this is over we will not forget those heroes, that we will not return to a more disappointing pre-COVID-19 ‘normal’.

I hope that the world is able to see the benefits that Mother Nature has experienced in such a short period of time, and that we will each continue to help the environment in our own way.

I hope that politicians and world leaders can look beyond business and political interests, and see the change in the environment and how the planet has started to heal itself, and that these considerations will begin to promulgate their policy decisions.

I hope that the next time we hear in the news that an activist in a distant land is under house arrest for simply fighting for the rights of others, we do not dismiss this as ‘not that bad’, that we all remember the strain that being unable to leave our homes places on us, and that we can remember enough to relate our experiences to situations beyond our own lives. 

I hope that we continue to encounter and be moved by people like Captain (now Colonel) Tom, who touched a nation and formed an inspiration just by having a goal, no matter how small, that snowballed into one of the greatest charitable money raising events at the hand of a single person in my lifetime; and that we aspire to be that person.  

Mostly, and above all, what I take away from all of this, is the fact that I am still capable of hope. I hope with every fibre of who I am, and I hope that I never forget that.