What’s your digital legacy?


Liz Fyfe

Digital what? I hear you say. Surely you can’t be talking to me. Think again….

You have made your Will to decide how your bank accounts and other assets should be dealt with.

So what is a “digital legacy”?

This includes your online music collection, digital photographs, computer characters and emails.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, I Cloud and Instagram to name but a few there will be a wealth of personal  information and photographs out there potentially out of control! 

Family and friends may wish to save these memories or to close accounts but find themselves unable to access this information in the event of your death.

So what should we do?

First of all think carefully and compile a list of your digital presence. Then you need to consider what you would like to happen to your digital legacy in the event of your death. It will be helpful for your executors if you write a letter to be stored with your will setting out what you would like them to do with the various online accounts. Bear in mind that not all digital assets can be passed on to others. By way of example when you purchase a kindle book or a song on  iTunes you are purchasing a licence to read or listen to that particular content. You do not have the right to pass this on in the event of your death.

What else Should I do ?

The Law Society recommends creating a “personal assets log” . This would list all of your assets including a list of all of your social media accounts and any other online account used. This will enable your executors to close any accounts in the event if your death and your family to retrieve precious photographs which may otherwise be lost.

By using a separate log this can be easily updated as and when required.

It is important that you do not write down your PIN numbers or internet security codes for your personal banking. Your executors will be able to access your bank accounts in the appropriate manner without this and you do not wish to risk the security of your online accounts. 

So, as you will see planning ahead can make a difficult time a little easier and need not be complicated. For advice on your Digital Legacy and for expert Will preparation please contact Liz Fyfe at Thornton Jones Solicitors on 01924 290029   

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