What Clients Say About Mediation

It’s the last day of Family Mediation Week (20th – 24th January 2020), a week long campaign where we encourage conversations about mediation and raise awareness of mediation and its benefits for separating families. Today we look at what clients say about mediation and how it’s helped them.

Clients tell us that mediation has really helped them to openly listen to the other person’s point of view and to help them reach a solution that they can each live with. Where mediation is in relation to the children, clients say they feel better equipped to successfully parent separately. Clients often come to mediation when they realise that the court process isn’t working for them. Evidence shows that it does work because it goes at the clients own pace in a safe space. Discussions take place without prejudice and because it’s face to face, it can enable the parties to move on in a positive way and accept the relationship breakdown.

It is not an easy thing to do but the benefits are many when people are willing to engage in the process. It is entirely voluntary and works best when both people are on the same page in wanting to resolve matters away from the courts and in a more positive, future focussed way.

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