Prince Died Four Years Ago and Left No Will.


Liz Fyfe

Four years ago today the music legend Prince passed away. With a career earning him seven Grammy Awards, seven Brit Awards and a Golden Globe Award to name just a few you’d expect him to have an Estate worth a bob or two. In fact it’s estimated his Estate was worth over $200 million and with posthumous releases of his work it’s likely to have grown in size. But guess what, despite such riches, Prince didn’t have a Will in place.

With no documented wishes, there ensured an onslaught of children, siblings, distant family members and ex-wives all trying to make claim to the Estate. What followed was reportedly a three year legal battle costing in excess of $45 million. That’s a lot of his Estate spent fighting, surely not something that Prince would have wanted to happen to nearly a quarter of his worth.

Making a Will often seems like just ‘one of those jobs’ and gets put on the back-burner to be dealt with when the more exciting things in life allow. And this is fine until it’s too late. Then what’s left behind is a family, potentially a feuding family, having to deal with an Estate whilst also grieving.

All it takes is a couple of hours to document your wishes and make a Will. These couple of hours can save weeks, if not months, of anguish and upset and falling out not to mention the hefty price tag that comes with contesting a Will.

Our advice is to make a Will. Our Will writing service costs from £200 plus VAT and will make sure that your wishes are heard when it comes to dealing with your estate when you pass.

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