Legal Assistant In Lockdown

It’s really hard to write something when you are usually in the ‘background’ and doing what we do best in assisting the brilliant people we work for. I’m not one for putting myself in the public eye, I suffer (like a lot of people) with anxiety and depression, so I usually like to keep myself locked away far away from the public eye and do what I do best (if I don’t mind saying so myself) by keeping my head down and getting through the ever mounting list of dictation.

I’ve honestly found the last 3 weeks being working remotely at home quite alright. My happy place is my home and I’m lucky to feel that way. I am fine and dandy being here at home working away in the spare room until this week kicked in.

Crikey I’ve felt low, tearful, stressed out and under pressure this week. Everything has slowed down, backlogs at court, communications, return updates and it’s frustrating. It’s placing a huge amount of pressure on people’s lives and I get that (I am one of those people from a personal point too). This week has been a huge deal. My lovely partner has been at home fetching brews to me (and a wine at 5pm) instead of my lovely friend at work Michelle (she keeps me watered with brews on a proper level). I’ve missed Jess with her huge personality and upbeat work ethic and Janet who I’ve worked with for 18 years. You, Janet, showed me so much (I know when I left school I thought I knew everything) and I will always be grateful for your love, patience and affection to me and also to my family. To those I haven’t mentioned specifically, it absolutely doesn’t mean you don’t matter – you do – more than you will ever know.

I’ve watched the concert today that was aired last week and feel completely humbled. I have key workers in my family from my step-mum who works in a school to my sister who works in a care home and my mother in law who cleans at Pinderfields hospital. I salute you and you are all amazing and our hero’s.

Myself and my partner were lucky enough to have a new nephew born recently and we were able to meet and cuddle him before all this happened. We bonded and I made sure he knew that auntie Stacey is the cool Aunt that doesn’t ‘do the nappies’ but will give the best cuddles ever. I felt he ‘understood’ and we ‘got’ each other. I miss him along with all of our babies that we can’t see. I miss you all massively. We had a new niece born 3 weeks ago and we haven’t been able to meet her yet. I can’t wait to get my hands on her and I bet she can’t wait either.

I would love to do more for the community and have felt very much that I haven’t done very much or enough but then I realised that by staying at home (and my partner doing the essential shopping – for wine obvs.) that I’m doing the right thing. I’m doing the best thing I possibly can by staying at home and keeping working to try as much as possible to keep clients’ matters proceeding and try to keep making a difference in my own way and any way that I can – no matter how small.

I am trying – we are all trying in our own way!

Stay safe, take care, and be patient!

We can all do this if we do it together.

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