In a world of increasing technology, we pride ourselves on that personal, face-to-face Touch

I am passionate about technology but only in so far as it makes our job easier so we can spend more time helping our clients with their legal issues.  For example, in our conveyancing team we are using some cutting edge technology to help us meet our obligations to identify our clients.  That just means we don’t have to spend our time checking passports and driving licences and instead we can spend time making sure the process of buying and selling a house goes as smoothly as possible.

It’s easy to see how technology can help all of our lives, but you can’t beat speaking face to face with a human being who knows and understands the emotional and human side of legal services.  We are often dealing with people who are going through the most difficult and stressful situations which have ever or will ever happen to them.  Separating or divorcing, contesting a Will and even moving house are all huge events for people and no computer programme could ever empathise or provide the emotional support that such events require.

I remember when I first started my legal career (in the early 90s) everything was done by letter with post taking two or three days to deal with, then waiting for a response took more days and so cases took a long time to complete.  Now, of course, everyone expects a response within hours rather than days and so the use of technology has possibly made matters quicker to deal with.  Fundamentally, though, human beings deal with human beings and I, for one, am very happy to be in an industry where the face to face contact between us means we are unlikely to ever be able to completely replace lawyers with computers. At least I hope not!

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