If I were to separate or divorce, what will happen with the children?

During a divorce or separation, it is often extremely difficult to navigate arrangements for children. Arrangements may include how often the children spend time with both parents, deciding who the children are going to live with, or how the care of the children is to be shared.

If there are difficulties in agreeing these arrangements, then Mediation is available to help parents. Mediation is a cost-effective way of resolving any difference with an impartial mediator who is also a specialist family solicitor. The mediator will assist you in resolving issues in a constructive and amicable away which helps you move on with your lives, in a way that a traditional court process may not. Mediation will help you shape your long-term goals and look at what is in your children’s best interests.

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What is Mediation in Divorce in the UK?

Mediation is a way of sorting any differences between you and your ex-partner, with the help of a third person who won’t take sides. The third person is called a mediator. They can help you reach an agreement about issues with money, property, and children. You can try mediation before going to a solicitor although some solicitors who have a Family Law department will also offer Mediation.

How much does Mediation cost in the UK?

Mediation isn’t free, but it has been proven to be quicker and cheaper than going to court. If the differences between you and your ex-partner are about a child, you might be able to get a free voucher worth up to £500 for mediation. Check if you qualify for the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme on GOV.UK. For our costs for mediation please call us on 01924 290029 or visit our website at

What is the difference between Mediation and Collaborative Law in the UK?

In mediation, the mediator tries to empower their clients to reach their own decision regarding disputed matters. In collaborative law, each spouse’s lawyer represents his or her interests. Mediation is often cheaper overall as Collaborative Law would require you to employ the services of a solicitor to represent each party.

Shelley Wales, one of our Family Law Solicitors here at Thornton Jones is an experienced mediator and will guide you through the process to try to ensure you find a solution which puts your children at the centre of your decision making, avoiding the stresses, delays, and costs of taking the matter to court. In addition, Jane Auty, Head of Family Law at Thornton Jones Solicitors is a trained Collaborative Law lawyer should the collaborative law route be your chosen pathway.

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About Shelley Wales

Shelley qualified as a solicitor in 2001 with Atteys solicitors in Doncaster.  She then moved to Hellewell Pasley & Brewer in Birstall in 2005, Williscroft & Co in Bradford until 2008 and then moved to Ramsdens solicitors where she spent the next 10 years honing her skills in family law!

Shelley moved to join us here at Thornton Jones in September 2018 to further enhance our Family Law team.

Shelley is a qualified Family Mediator and is working towards full accreditation. She specialises in dealing with the financial aspects of divorce and separation, and has a real interest in unravelling the finances of unmarried couples through the Trusts of Land and Trustees Act 1996.

Shelley’s manner is warm and friendly and very approachable.  Shelley always takes a practical and sensible approach to all her cases but can also be a tough litigant when needed.

Outside of work, Shelley enjoys nothing more than sharing a night out with friends, including pub quizzes, book clubs and theatre, and especially enjoys a day out shopping with her teenage daughter,  When she is not doing this she and her husband spend time supporting their son with his football (aka being taxi drivers!).

Shelley is a member of Resolution and is committed to resolving family disputes in a non confrontational way wherever possible.

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