How Mediation Can Help With The Separation Of Assets

Today is day 4 of Family Mediation Week (20th – 24th January 2020), a week long campaign where we encourage conversations about mediation and raise awareness of mediation and its benefits for separating families. Today we take a peek at how mediation can help when discussing and agreeing the division of assets.

Many mediators are also experienced family lawyers and so can help couples who are separating to divide their finances in an amicable and cost effective way.  The process still requires open and honest financial disclosure (in other words everyone has to show their financial information to the other so that everyone is clear what the family finances look like) and discussions take place with the mediator about a future division of the family money so that everyone can move on to their future lives apart.  This will typically include looking at each parties’ housing needs, income needs and pensions.

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