Good Divorce Week – Parenting After Parting


Jane Auty

Today is the fifth and final day of the Good Divorce Week and today we discuss parenting after parting. Jane Auty, one of our Family Solicitors here at Thornton Jones says;

“Parenting after parting is vital in continuing the great work you’ve both done during your separation. Although you are separated you remain your children’s parents so be sure that you don’t bring your children into your fights or make them choose between you. Your children want and need you both to be part of their future.

“be sure to cooperate positively and in a
constructive and friendly manner” 

Ensure also that your separation does not prevent you from cooperating with each other. On matters where your children are impacted be sure to cooperate positively and in a constructive and friendly manner. Being separated does not mean that you are no longer a parent, in fact now is possibly the time when your parenting skills will be most needed.

Keep communication channels open between both of you and your children, make all communications constructive and purposeful and specific to the needs of your children, and don’t be drawn into petty arguments or debates and always bring the conversations back to the needs of your children. Remember that a constructive and collaborative approach will give your children the best foundations for feeling settled in to their new family situation.

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