Good Divorce Week – A United Front


Jane Auty

Today is day 2 of Resolution’s Good Divorce Week, a week long campaign which aims to help separating and divorcing parents reduce the impact on their children and to maintain strong and meaningful relationship with their children after divorce.

Today we discuss having a united front when it comes to working through the challenges that separation and divorce can bring. Jane Auty, one of our Family Solicitors here at Thornton Jones says;

“Having a united front both during and after separation and divorce is absolutely paramount in maintaining a sound relationship between all parties, and this includes your children. There will be differences to overcome as well as some rather significant decisions to be made. Having a united front will demonstrate to your children that the resolution of such differences and the decisions being made is a team effort, and including them in such decisions like where they will live and when they will spend time with each parent will help them be part of that team and help them understand the reasons for any decisions made.

“you both have an important and active
role to play in your children’s lives”

In the throes of a relationship breakdown it’s easy to lose sight that you both have an important and active role to play in your children’s lives. By working together and looking to co-parent in an amicable and inclusive manner you can ensure that you meet your children’s emotional needs enabling them to retain a close relationship with both parents.”

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