Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements (sometimes known as compromise agreements) are documents created to reflect an agreement between an employer and an employee to deal with the terms of the employee leaving the company.

The agreement is drawn up by the employer and it should reflect the agreed terms, including the financial payment agreed and clauses describing how the employee should behave in the future.

It is an important and legally binding document and so the employer will usually pay for the employee to seek independent legal advice on the contents of that agreement. This is where Thornton Jones Solicitors can help. We are not able to offer employment law advice but are able to advise on the terms of the settlement agreement reached and the terms of the document produced. Our fees for this will be covered by your employer.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment with us if you have reached a settlement agreement with your employer and need the legal advice described above. The advice can be given remotely or at our offices in OssettWakefield, Garforth or Sherburn in Elmet, West Yorkshire.