Fees & Funding

Fees and Funding

Our aim is to provide flexibility, allowing you to buy into as much – or as little – of our expertise as you need, when you need it.

Whether you need us to represent you fully or simply need advice to prepare documentation, we can help.

We are happy to offer new clients a free telephone consultation (with the exception of mediation – see below), and we have developed a flexible and transparent fee structure that gives clients two options: a loyalty reward hourly rate contract and a pay as you go service.

Hourly rate contract

Many clients need our help with their case from start to finish and instruct us to represent them fully. This means that we handle everything for them, and they benefit from our hourly rate contract where we charge for the amount of time spent working on their case.

The current hourly rate for all of our solicitors is between  £180 and £250 per hour plus VAT depending on work type..We charge legal assistants at between £100 to £145 per hour plus VAT, and Trainee Solicitors & Paralegals at £150 plus VAT per hour.

We bill in regular instalments and.can, subject to your circumstances,  agree a monthly payment plan in which interest is charged at 8% on outstanding balances.

Pay as you go service

For clients who are comfortable representing themselves, we offer a pay as you go service. Simply choose from the menu of services below, and pay on the day for the advice or assistance you receive. With this service, we do not go on the court record as acting on your behalf, and we don’t engage in correspondence with anyone else on your behalf.

Our pay as you go options are as follows:

  • 30-minute appointment and follow-up letter - £120 plus VAT
  • 60-minute appointment and follow-up letter - £220 plus VAT

Children cases

  • Preparation of application - £150 plus VAT
  • Preparation of statement - £200 plus VAT per statement
  • Attendance at Directions appointment - £500 plus VAT (depending on location)
  • Attendance at other hearings - £1250 per day plus VAT

Financial matters on divorce

  • Preparation of Form E - £400 plus VAT
  • Preparation of First Appointment documentation - £350 plus VAT
  • Attending First Appointment - £500 plus VAT
  • Attending Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment - £1000 plus VAT
  • Preparation of consent order from £550 plus VAT

General services

  • Preparation of documentation not specified below – price to be agreed
  • Draft letter of instruction to expert - £100 plus VAT
  • Preparation of Court Ordered bundles - £400 plus VAT (to include 4 bundles and Index)

Divorce proceedings

  • Preparation of petition and supporting documents - £200 plus VAT
  • Preparation of application for directions for trial & statement in support - £100 plus VAT

Pre-nuptial  agreements

  • From £750 plus VAT

Cohabitation agreements

  • From £500 plus VAT

Change of Name Deeds

  •  £150 plus VAT


Our rates for mediation are as follows:

  • Children-only mediations - £650 plus VAT per person
  • Property and Finance only mediations - £750 plus VAT per person
  • All-issues mediation (children, property and finance) - £800 plus VAT per person
  • Child Inclusive mediation - usually we do not charge any additional sums for speaking to a child as part of the two session children-only package as set out above.  This depends upon suitability.

All of the above prices include two mediation sessions plus all the associated paperwork. Additional sessions are charged at £250 plus VAT per person, per session.

  • MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings) - £100 plus VAT per person.
  • MIAM appointments are required for anyone wishing to consider mediation.


Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is charged at our normal hourly rate of £220 to £250 plus VAT.

Family Arbitration

Our charges for Clare Thornton to act as the Arbitrator in a case are based on an hourly rate of £250 plus VAT.  This is generally shared between the parties so each pays £125 plus VAT per hour.  Fixed fees may be available on a case by case basis and enquiries should be directed to Clare Thornton if necessary.

Wills, probate, trusts and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)


  • Basic Wills start at £180 plus VAT.
  • Single Will with right to reside or life interest start at £300 plus VAT.
  • Severance of Tenancy with any Will costs £50 plus VAT per property plus £6 plus VAT for office copies per land registry title. 
  • Basic Mirror Wills start at £340 plus VAT for both.
  • Mirror Wills with Asset Protection start at £600 plus VAT and £6 plus VAT for office copies.
  • Discretionary Trust Wills/Disabled person Trust Wills - Please contact Liz Fyfe.
  • Letter of wishes to accompany any Will start at £50 plus VAT.
  • Family Trusts – Please contact Liz Fyfe.

Trusts, probate and estate administration

We charge for the time spent working on your case based on the following hourly rates:

  • Solicitors - £220 to £250 per hour plus VAT
  • Legal assistants - £100 to £145 per hour plus VAT
  • Trainee solicitors & Paralegals - £150 plus VAT

Further information about the costs of probate can be found on the probate page of this website.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

  • One LPA costs £350 plus VAT plus fee of £82.
  • Two LPA’s (Health and Welfare and Property and Finances OR two Client’s wanting one LPA each) costs £600 plus VAT plus fee of £82 per LPA (£164).
  • Both LPA’s for Two Client’s (Partners) costs £1,000 plus VAT plus fee of £82 per LPA (£328).

Please call Liz Fyfe or Jessica Orme to discuss your requirements.