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Powers of Attorney - is it right for you?

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Many people consider putting in place Wills to provide for their loved ones in the event of their death.

What is commonly overlooked is the making of arrangements to protect not only loved ones but also ourselves in the event that we become incapable whether by mental impairment or physical inability to make our own decisions.

Imagine the situation where, due to an accident at work, you are left unable to make the day to day decisions about how your bills can be paid? Who would be able to have access to your bank accounts? Who would be able to give or refuse consent on your behalf to life sustaining treatment?

These are all legitimate concerns and matters which would need to be addressed at the most difficult of times.

Imagine the longer term picture if you do not recover the ability to manage your financial affairs or make your own decisions in relation to your health and your personal welfare.

Who will be able to assist you with selling your property if needed?

The reality is you may find yourself in a very difficult situation whereby your loved ones do not have the ability to liaise with financial institutions on your behalf or to sign the necessary paperwork needed to assist you at this time. This can lead to lengthy delays and problems if loved ones have to make an application to the Court of Protection for the ability to assist you.

It is possible to put arrangements in place now to ensure that this situation does not occur and that in the event that the worst were to happen, not only are your loved ones left secure in the knowledge of how they are able to deal with things but they have the power and the ability to do so without resorting to lengthy Court proceedings.

Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney is easy and we can guide you through every step of the application process.

You can complete a Lasting Power of Attorney to deal specifically with your property and financial affairs and a second Lasting Power of Attorney to deal with your personal health and welfare. These can be done together or individually by our team here at Thornton Jones Family Law to give you the peace of mind that you need going forwards.

During the whole month of January/February 2013, to raise awareness for Lasting Power of Attorneys and the benefit they can bring, we are offering half price on all Lasting Power of Attorneys for new instructions received in January/February 2013 and therefore offer either a single Lasting Power of Attorney for either property and financial affairs at £150 & VAT plus Office of Public Guardian Registration Fee or both Lasting Power of Attorneys together at £250 plus VAT plus Office of Public Guardian Registration Fees.

To take up this offer, simply call our office on 01924 290029 or email

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