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ON THE CASE: Who can decide what happens to my body when I die?

Josh Proud
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It may be a rare occurrence, but an occurrence that’s increasing given the nature of complex family dynamics, but when a burial dispute arises, our team have the skills, resources, and experience to help our clients achieve a speedy and satisfactory...

ON THE CASE: A Look on the Other Side of the Fence

Rich Holgate
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As a busy firm with a diverse portfolio of work we often encounter challenging and bizarre matters that ignite our curiosity. In this our first 'On The Case', Luke Newton, our Dispute Resolution expert, provides a small but significant insight...

I am a landlord. How do I end my tenants' contract?

Luke Newton
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Gone are the days when landlords could simply walk into their property, pack up their tenant’s belongings, turf them onto the streets, and change the locks. Agree or disagree, the power is now very much in...