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What Is Family Mediation?

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This week is Family Mediation Week (20th - 24th January 2020) where we encourage conversations about mediation and raise awareness of mediation and its benefits for separating families. In conjunction with the Family Mediators Association, throughout the week we will be posting these micro-blogs to provide bitesize answers to some key questions about mediation.

What is mediation, how does it work, and what are the benefits for separating families?

Family mediation is a really positive way for separating couples to sort out the arrangements for sharing the care of their children and agreeing the division of their finances. When the courts are involved it can lead to significantly more stress for the family and an increased amount of work for the solicitor. Mediation saves significant financial costs but also helps keep families working together for the future which has a huge emotional benefit for everyone concerned.

If you are working your way through a separation, then mediation may be the way forward. We have qualified mediators available to assist you and appointments available at any of our three offices, including evening appointments.