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Just Ten Questions with Heather Sharp

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Today we introduce you to Heather Sharp, one of our very brilliant Legal Assistants here at Thornton Jones Solicitors. We feel it's important for you to know just who you might deal with so today we quiz Heather with just ten questions....

ON THE CASE: A Look on the Other Side of the Fence

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As a busy firm with a diverse portfolio of work we often encounter challenging and bizarre matters that ignite our curiosity. In this our first 'On The Case', Luke Newton, our Dispute Resolution expert, provides a small but significant insight...

Just Ten Questions with Jess Taylor

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We feel it's important for you to know at least a little bit about the people you'll deal with here at Thornton Jones so today we interrogate Jess Taylor, one of our Conveyancing Solicitors with just ten questions. Question 1: How long...