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Nicola White

When contesting a Will must I really take it to Court?

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If you choose to contest a Will it’s worth knowing what the process might look like for you and how, at a time of grief, resolving the matter through mediation might be a preferred option for everyone involved. One of the struggles that...

Abusing Lasting Power of Attorney

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The last few months have demonstrated the importance of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for those who have been unable to leave their own homes or who have been concerned about dealing with their own affairs and have benefited from someone being able to...

Prince Died Four Years Ago and Left No Will.

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Four years ago today the music legend Prince passed away. With a career earning him seven Grammy Awards, seven Brit Awards and a Golden Globe Award to name just a few you’d expect him to have an Estate worth a bob or two. In fact it’s...