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What clients say about Jess:

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  • Excellent professional service provided by Jessica Orme, she explained the process clearly and made it both understandable and easy to follow.

    Ian & Christina Leckenby
Jess Buckley

What assets do I need to gather and how do I do it?

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Dealing with a deceased estate can be a tricky task especially at a time when you may be grieving your loss, so knowing what to do and how to do it is both important (so you do it right) and helpful (so you know what to do in the first place). If you are...

How do I establish the value of a deceased's Estate?

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Calculating the value of a deceased’s estate can seem daunting. Where do you start? What do you need to include? And what tax might be due to HMRC? At a time when you will be grief-stricken the added burden of dealing with the Probate for the...

What is probate and what must you do when someone dies?

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When a loved one dies and you are named as the executor, there are several very important jobs for you to complete. It’s not uncommon for the executor to employ the services of a solicitor at this stage, especially as some of the jobs can be time...

Making Provisions For Your Pets in Your Will

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We are a nation of pet lovers with 51% of UK adults owning a pet 1 , spending a staggering £6.9 million on our pets in 2019 2 . But whether that be on biscuits for your Bulldog or a Christmas onesie for your Cavapoo, our lavish spending on our pets is...

Five Top Tips For Making A Will

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When you make a Will it’s important to consider who you want your assets to go to when you die. Often this will be to just one single person, such as your spouse, however with ‘blended families’ being ever more common it’s wise to...

Cohabitation on the rise - are you protected?

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In a recent survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics, it was found that the number of cohabiting couple families continues to grow faster than married couple or lone parent families with an increase of 25.8% over the decade between 2008 and...

Can I vary a Will after someone has died?

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Yes this can be done! A Deed of Variation is a legal document which allows a beneficiary of an estate to pass on their share or part of their share to someone if they do not want or need their entitlement under the deceased’s Will or under the rules...