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Hannah Bowes

Should I Consider My Pension When Separating or Divorcing?

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In my role as a family law solicitor, I often find that clients are confused by pensions and are reluctant to deal with or consider either their own or their ex-partner’s pensions when separating or divorcing. Given that there are...

My Top Tips For Making a Clean Break Order

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I recall one time I had afternoon tea with several members of my family and we had an interesting discussion about divorce and what getting divorced actually means for individuals going through the process. Throughout our discussions, I was reminded of...

Can I Vary A Child Arrangement Order?

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Here at Thornton Jones we love to stay engaged and involved and when the topic is relevant to our business we love to take part in The Law Society's #SolicitorChat that they hold weekly on Twitter. This week our super Family Lawyer, Hannah Bowes...

New Divorce Legislation Pending!

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Yesterday, I was ecstatic to learn that the new No Fault Divorce Bill has finished its journey through Parliament and even though the new legislation will not be accessible until autumn 2021, this marks a significant change in the law....

I am a Grandparent - What Rights do I have?

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I for one can understand and relate to the significance and importance of a child’s relationship with their grandparents. However, in the legal world, whilst a Court would acknowledge the importance of their role in a child’s life, their rights...