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What clients say about Clare:

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  • I found the whole mediation process to be of great benefit.  Clare put us both at ease and I would definitely say our relationship as parents has improved since we came to mediation

    Mrs R, Sandal, Wakefield
  • You helped my wife and I to understand the options available to us in relation to our finances and we were able to reach a compromise which was acceptable to us both.  I cannot thank you enough and will definitely recommend you to my friends!

    Mr A, Wakefield
  • When I first came to mediation I was worried about seeing my ex but Clare helped us to feel relaxed and by the end we had sorted most things out and were even able to share a joke or two, something we had not done for years

    Mr H, Pontefract
  • My original solicitor, from years ago, was an absolute disgrace so I am so glad I found Clare. Your costs are also reasonable which made a big difference to me. There is nothing to improve with Thornton Jones Solicitors as everything is perfect as it is!

    Julie Scott
  • Clare explained everything in detail including the cost. Thornton Jones provides excellent customer service.

    Simone Taylor
Clare Thornton

Separating your Finances Without it Costing the Earth

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When you decide to separate or divorce, a huge worry for many couples is what will happen to the family finances, particularly the family home. This can be an extremely stressful time for separating couples and the prospect of having to discuss and agree on...

Family Mediation Week 2022: Listening Effectively

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Here at Thornton Jones Solicitors this Family Mediation Week we are drilling down on a number of really important aspects of mediation and focusing on those aspects to ensure that when you do embark on family mediation, that you do so primed and ready to...

Family Mediation Week 2022: The Voice of the Child

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When parents separate, children of all ages can be left feeling a variety of emotions including anger, confusion and upset. They often feel that decisions are being made about their future over which they have no control over or say, and this can build...

Our Five Top Tips for Successful Family Mediation

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Embark on separation and you’ll be sure to hear the word ‘mediation’ and you may not fully understand what it is and how it might help you. Commonly, people assume that when couples separate that a long, expensive, and emotional time...

Top Tips for Co-Parenting After Divorce

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Co-parenting after divorce is rarely easy. Often, the breakdown of the relationship will have been an emotional and stressful one, and you may have negative feelings towards your ex-spouse. Where relationships break down, the division of the assets can lead...

Divorce Day 2022

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After another turbulent year thanks to the pandemic, families have again been put under increased strain in 2021, whether that be due to having to live and work in close quarters, increased financial challenges, or the very direct impact on families...

Hot-Shot Family Lawyers Right Here in Yorkshire

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Have Your Lives Taken You In Different Directions Like Kim and Kanye? No amount of riches can shield you from life and the challenges that it throws at you and during a global pandemic, as couples, we are forced to spend more time in...

Ruminations of a Self-Isolating Solicitor

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I am generally a very optimistic and positive person. However this self-isolating is really, really difficult. I’ve had a tough week this week trying to keep myself motivated to work from my dressing table which is starting to feel like a prison camp!...

In a world of increasing technology, we pride ourselves on that personal, face-to-face Touch

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I am passionate about technology but only in so far as it makes our job easier so we can spend more time helping our clients with their legal issues. For example, in our conveyancing team we are using some cutting edge technology to help us meet our...

How Mediation Can Help With The Separation Of Assets

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Today is day 4 of Family Mediation Week (20th - 24th January 2020), a week long campaign where we encourage conversations about mediation and raise awareness of mediation and its benefits for separating families. Today we take a peek at how ...

What is a MIAM?

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Today is day 2 of Family Mediation Week (20th - 24th January 2020), a week long campaign where we encourage conversations about mediation and raise awareness of mediation and its benefits for separating families. Today we provide a little insight into...

Divorce Day

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Once again we have reached the first Monday in January which the media has penned as “Divorce Day” - allegedly the day when more people divorce than any other day of the year. I confess to being sceptical about this but certainly Christmas can...

Inheritance update - 1st October 2014

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As of yesterday new rules came into force which change the way your estate will pass if you have not made a will. Your spouse will receive the first £250,000 of your estate together with your personal chattels. The remainder will be divided equally...

Kids in the Middle

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The Team at Thornton Jones Family Law are currently offering an initial consultation to all new Clients free of charge…….. all we ask is a small donation of £10 to a fantastic Charity “Kids In The Middle” who are raising...

Hooray for the Clean Break!

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Sitting in Court the other day with a male Client who desperately wanted to end the noose around his neck that was a joint lives maintenance Order, it struck me how problematic such an Order is for both the payer and the payee. The man...

The Common Law Monster!

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One thing that is always sure to make me grind my teeth with frustration is the perpetuated myth of the Common Law partner. Rather like the Loch Ness monster this fabled creature quite simply does not exist. As a Family lawyer, one of the hardest parts of...

How to make a court mediation scheme work

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I have recently been involved in setting up a scheme in my local County Court where we undertake MIAM’s meetings in the Court arena, and have been so pleased with how the scheme is working, that I thought it might be useful to share the experience with...

Powers of Attorney - is it right for you?

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Many people consider putting in place Wills to provide for their loved ones in the event of their death. What is commonly overlooked is the making of arrangements to protect not only loved ones but also ourselves in the event that we become incapable...

Family Arbitration/Mediation

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Family Arbitration by a Mediator – how does it work? How can you be a Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer, with a practice so focused on keeping matters out of litigation, and yet be so excited to have qualified as a Family Arbitrator, I hear you ask?...