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What clients say about Amanda:

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  • Down to earth explanation and sense made it all easy to understand no pressured sales pitches!

    Lynda & Graham Holroyd
  • A very relaxed easy first meeting with Amanda at Ossett, efficient. Nothing was too much trouble for her and her assistant. Thanks so much.

    Shelia Moorhouse
  • I was really impressed at the wonderful service when I made my will. So helpful and easy – thank you!

    Roy Stanley
Amanda Gait
    • Amanda Gait

    • Senior Associate Solicitor & Head of Private Client
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Dangers of Unregulated Will Writing Services

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When obtaining and paying for legal documents and services, it can seem to many as an unnecessary expense. Also, with the advent of online “quick wills” and standard pre-printed packs, many question why they should go to the expense of...

Should I Change My Will After Divorce or Separation?

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During relationship breakdowns, it is likely that the last thing on anyone’s mind is their Will or the lack of a Will. However, arguably, it is as important as any part of financial negotiations or the making arrangements for children. It is an...

I Need to Make a Will but I Don't Know Who to Leave My Assets To

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This is a quandary that can come up for many people, including those who are childless or child-free, those who are estranged from their children, those whose children have died before them, or those who have no close family members living. It...

What is the Grant of Probate?

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When a loved one dies there is often much admin to be done and dealing with Probate can be a time-consuming and confusing process, especially at a time when you and your family will be grieving your loss. Of the many administrative tasks to be completed,...

What is probate and what must you do when someone dies?

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When a loved one dies and you are named as the executor, there are several very important jobs for you to complete. It’s not uncommon for the executor to employ the services of a solicitor at this stage, especially as some of the jobs can be time...

The Real Dangers of Unregulated Will Writing Services

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When obtaining and paying for legal documents, it can seem to many as an unnecessary expense, and with the advent of online ‘quick Wills’ and standard pre-printed packs that can be bought from high street stores like WHSmiths, many people...

The Reality of Having No Power of Attorney

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The Covid-19 vaccine brings hope that we can soon emerge from this pandemic, however as we do I think most of us have learned valuable lessons about what is actually important in our lives. The loss of loved ones has been horrific but also for many the loss...

Diary of a Furloughed Solicitor

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It seems that the current challenging times are bringing out all sorts of creativity from our team and many are putting pen to paper. So far we've had two emotional and heartfelt blogs from Clare and Stacey and now we have a more humorous scripture...

Cohabitation on the rise - are you protected?

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In a recent survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics, it was found that the number of cohabiting couple families continues to grow faster than married couple or lone parent families with an increase of 25.8% over the decade between 2008 and...